Anthem: Quickly level up to 30

Our articles on Anthem Anthem: Level up quickly to 30 You want to progress quickly to the maximum level on Anthem and take advantage of the game's Endgame content, no problem, we've given you some tips to get there.

In a game like Anthem, pexing your character can be very frustrating. Aside from progressing through the plot and discovering the game's features, some only find their way there when it's time to enjoy the game's Endgame content. 

How xp works in the game.

Unlike the majority of games, in Anthem the xp is not earned by killing enemies (or almost), a slightly more subtle mechanic is in place forcing players to participate in missions while making the enemy farm uninteresting .

The game offers a system of feats and challenges, where players will have to accomplish mini-objectives during their mission in order to gain experience. Among these small objectives, there are quite simple things that have already been seen, such as:

<< Eliminate 10 enemies au corps à corps >> or even << Use of your competence last 3 days >>.

In addition, the majority of feats and challenges will be completed without difficulty and without your paying attention to them.

→ You will be able to have a recap of the feats and challenges accomplished during your mission at the end of it.

Optimize experience gain

Group play

You will receive a significant xp bonus during your missions if you do them in a group.


The Story

A quick and effective way to earn xp in Anthem is to progress in the main story (which is not necessarily very long), you will complete missions that are simple, quick and that will teach you a little more on the game world. 

The contracts

There are multiple ways to level up quickly in Anthem, but the most interesting is undoubtedly through Contracts. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Freelancer, you will have very quick access to various contracts: the Arcanists, the Freelancers or even the Sentinels, will indeed offer you multiple tasks and missions that are rather quick to do, but with a very good source of xp. at the end.

During your contracts, do not stay behind in front of your teammates! complete a maximum of challenges and feats in order to increase the amount of xp obtained at the end of your mission.

The quick parts

Quick matches can be a great way to level up quickly. This option allows the player to join a group of players already on a mission or in full contract. You will receive the same XP gain as if you left with your own mission or contract.

What you should not do

The Fortresses

If you want to optimize your pexing, there are some things to avoid or at least to limit as much as possible such as Fortresses, which besides the fact that you can find interesting equipment there is a challenge that remains quite long to finish for a very slight xp gain. In addition, the difficulty is higher than the contracts or the missions, which can slow down your progress even more.

Free Games

The free games are not very interesting to quickly level up and are in most cases to be avoided. On the other hand, the free part can be very interesting for resource farming. The rare cases in which the free games will be interesting, will be during world events or similar situation. Otherwise, this game mode is to be avoided.

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