Anthem: Fortresses, info and overview

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Anthem offers a wealth of challenges and content PvE, at the risk of sometimes appearing redundant. Apart from the free play system and the missions, the game offers slightly more difficult content called Fortress.

Fortresses are the equivalent of dungeons or instances in other games and offer a daunting challenge to players. Although during the demo a fortress was available, we still know little about this part of the game. However, it will be necessary to go through it to equip yourself correctly and obtain high quality equipment.

What there is to know

→ The points of reappearance (or respawn) will be limited.

→ The enemies are more powerful than normal

→ The equipment that can be found in Fortresses is very interesting.

→ This part of the game is intended to be played in groups, but it will also be available solo.

Presentation (in English) of a fortress by the developers.



Fortresses are particularly dangerous areas in which you will have to accomplish many objectives and eliminate powerful enemies. Once they reach the end, players will have to face a boss. The higher the difficulty, the greater the rebuilding strongholds in a higher difficulty can result in better gear. 

→ There is no restriction on the level of javelins, so you can attack a fortress with a group mainly composed of Commandos or Colossi for example.


All your actions during your journey will be taken into account for the end. Indeed, at the end of the instance, a small summary of the mission will appear showing the medals earned by the player and his teammates. Thus, the more objectives you have accomplished and actively participated in the battles, the more chances you will have of receiving medals.

→ The number of medals as well as their rank (bronze, silver, and gold) is important because you will receive an xp bonus depending on the medals obtained.

The rewards

Who says risk, says reward, your small forays into the fortresses will earn you many rewards. It seems that each boss has its own loot table, so you may need to remake the same fortress several times before you can get the piece of equipment you want.

However, as said before, the difficulty mode will have a huge influence on the equipment you can collect.

If you want to know more about the equipment, click here

Fortresses are a real challenge for players.

For the time being, it is difficult to really know what awaits us, unfortunately we will have to take our troubles patiently until the game is released.

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