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Believe it or not, the tarantula isn't the only spider you can catch in the game! If you're looking for more bugs to fill your Critterpedia, then you'll want to learn how to catch a spider in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! It's much safer than catching the hairy version of the species, but it can sometimes be difficult to get them to spawn.

How to catch a spider

The Spider is available year-round, but laying times can be a bit overwhelming for some:

  • Northern Hemisphere: all year round
  • Southern Hemisphere: all year round
  • Active hours: 19 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Price: 480 Bells

You can only find them at night, so be sure to be on your island late at night. They also don't spawn like most insects, as the only way to spawn a spider is to circle around trees! It's quite similar to Bagworm, but seems to be a bit more elusive. You should only have to shake a tree once to see if it contains a spider. If nothing falls, head to the next tree and shake it. Be ready with your net at all times, you'll probably get a lot of wasps out of the trees before you get a spider and they're looking to mess up your face!

The Spider can fall from any tree, I shot mine from a fruit tree, but I've also seen it fall from a pine tree as well. No matter which tree you shake, you just need to be lucky.

Once you get a spider to drop, you'll need to quickly swing with your net. If you miss, though, don't worry too much. You can shake the same tree again and the spider will fall back. It can sometimes be frustrating to catch because your net tends to hit the tree. Go a little to the side of the tree, then swing around, that should give you enough space to grab the spider!

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