Animal Crossing New Horizons: Guide de capture de scorpions

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Northern Hemisphere players will notice that tarantulas are now out of season, and here to replace them are scorpions. If you thought tarantulas were hard to catch, you have another thing coming your way when trying to catch scorpions.

Scorpions will appear in New Horizons from May to October, but this is one bug you shouldn't expect as they sell for 8 Bells each! You'll want to catch scorpions whenever you can to line your pockets.

There are two methods for catching scorpions, and there is a strategy for breeding them. We'll first look at the two ways to catch scorpions without breaking a sweat, and then we'll look at how you can set yourself up for farming success.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Guide de capture de scorpions

When can you catch scorpions?

As noted, scorpions will appear on your island and elsewhere from May through October in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, Scorpions will be available from November to April.

They go out from 19 p.m. to 4 a.m., so stay alert!

How to catch scorpions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tarantulas at least gave warning when they were about to strike (jump before dashing), making them relatively easy to catch. Scorpions do not give you this advantage.

Since scorpions will run at you without jumping first, you need to take things a little slower. You will notice that when you approach a scorpion, it gets up and prepares to strike. This is the last sign before they run for you.

First method of catching scorpions

This is the most basic method and the one I use because I'm lazy. It also works on tarantulas.

All you have to do for this method is walk towards the scorpion while holding the "A" button.

  • Hold "A" and crawl towards the scorpion.
  • Move towards him, still holding "A", until he goes into defensive mode.
  • Stand still until he relaxes, still holding the "A" button.
  • Move a bit more towards him until you get back up again, still holding "A".
  • Stand still until he relaxes, still holding the "A" button.
  • Keep doing this until you're just close enough to swing your net at the scorpion!
  • It doesn't take long and you should be able to catch the scorpion with the edge of your net.

    If you are afraid of scorpions or not confident in your ability to do the above, consider the following method instead.

    Scorpion Catching Method Two

    This one is actually related to the scorpion farming method described below, but you can also use it on your island.

    This method relies on the fact that you can jump, but scorpions cannot.

    Let’s introduce this one step by step too.

  • See scorpio.
  • Dig three holes in a row, horizontally or vertically depending on your position relative to the scorpion.
  • Approach the scorpion and provoke it to chase you.
  • Run to the holes and jump one.
  • Swing your net and catch the scorpion.
  • This method takes longer and is not an option if you encounter one in certain decorated areas. I highly recommend mastering the first method, but this method is great if you're just afraid of those tremor threats.

    How to Breed Scorpions in New Horizons

    It requires luck, maybe multiple Nook Miles Tickets, persistence, and planning.

    Scorpions spawn most often in flat areas, and there's an island in Nook Miles that's perfect for breeding those nasty clackers: Bamboo Islands.

    The basic method is to visit a bamboo island, remove all of its resources, dig a safe zone, and bait scorpions towards it for safe capture.

    The only tools you really need on a bamboo island are:

    • Leather
    • Anti-insect nets
    • Ax (the regular type for chopping down trees, not the stone type)

    However, there's no guarantee you'll get a Bamboo Island when traveling on a Nook Miles Ticket, so you might want to have your regular tool set.

    You may want two shovels and two nets.

    Step 1. Remove everything on Bamboo Island

    Anything you can dig up or pull out of the ground, you're going to want to take care of.

    This means:

  • Cut down bamboo with the axe, then dig up the stumps
  • Pick all weeds and flowers
  • Eat coconuts found on beaches and smash island rocks
  • What this does is that other types of bugs cannot spawn, with the exception of dock cockroaches. You will have to hunt cockroaches from the dock.

    Clear out anything you don't want in your inventory for this beach task.

    Step 2. Create your parameter

    Stand in one place, anywhere on the island, and dig holes all around you in a square.

    This is your safe zone, and this is where you bait scorpions to chase you.

    You can jump over holes with ease – that's your key to success!

    Step 3. Start provoking and catching scorpions

    It's finally time to start!

    How it works is to walk or run around the island until you spot a scorpion, then use your safe zone. Here it is step by step:

  • Go around the island until you see a scorpion.
  • Walk up to her for her to chase you.
  • Run to your safe zone and jump over a hole to enter it.
  • Catch the scorpion with your net in the safety of the other side.
  • Rinse and repeat!
  • You might have to chase cockroaches from the dock occasionally to keep the scorpions spawning, but using this method you can get an inventory full of scorpions in about an hour and rain down on those sweet, sweet bells.


    And that's how you catch scorpions and farm scorpions in AC:NH. Check out our plethora of other Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides here on GameSkinny!

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