All Titan Subclasses and Abilities in Destiny 2

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Each class in Destiny 2 (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock) has its own unique set of subclasses and abilities based on the game's four elemental types: Solar, Arc, Void, and most recently, Stasis. Each of these subclasses and even their respective abilities may adapt better to certain situations and activities than others. Additionally, some Exotic armor pieces can enhance or change how a subclass works, making the combination much more unique and powerful.

For those looking to play as a Titan, it's important to know that Titans are the strong, tank-like character of the classes. They are designed to provide powerful, direct melee attacks and excellent defense for themselves and their allies.

Sunscreen (solar)

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Solar Titans are deadly in PvP with their Supers: Hammer of Sol and Burning Maul. Hammer of Sol lets you throw big flaming hammers at your enemies while Burning Maul lets you wield a big flaming maul that crushes enemies and leaves a trail of flames.


Each Titan subclass, like all other classes, also has its own unique grenade, melee, and class ability. The class ability is the only one that does not change between Titan subclasses.

  • Grenada
    • Incendiary – sets enemies on fire when it explodes
    • Thermite – sends forward a searing line of fire
    • Fusion – explosive that attaches to enemies
  • Melee
    • Hammer Strike – while sprinting, throw a fiery hammer that weakens enemies
    • Hammer throw – throw a hammer from a distance, picking it up reloads it
    • Mortar Blast – hit an enemy to trigger an explosion, setting nearby enemies on fire
  • rank
    • Towering Barricade – place a tall barricade that protects you and allies standing behind from enemy fire or other damage
    • Rally Barricade – a smaller barricade that can be crouched behind and watched to fire. When crouched behind, you gain increased reload speed, stability, and range for your weapon.

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Striker (Bow)

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A Titan attacker is all about doing as much damage as possible up close. Supers like Fists of Havoc and Thundercrash really help in this endeavor. Fists of Havoc has you slam the ground around you to create an Arc damage AoE flare that stays behind for a short duration. Thundercrash, on the other hand, lets you launch yourself like an arcing meteorite towards an enemy, dealing massive damage when you hit them.

  • Grenada
    • Flashbang – disorients enemies it damages
    • Pulse – periodically damages enemies within an explosive radius
    • Lightning – sticks to any surface and emits lightning
  • Melee
    • Seismic Strike – after sprinting, first hit your shoulder against your target and trigger an explosion
    • Ballistic Slam – after sprinting, jump into the air and smash the ground to damage nearby enemies
    • Frontal Assault – hit an enemy to reload your weapon and increase stability and range

Sentinel (Void)

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Sentinel Titans can still deal high damage, but they also allow for greater protection and a damage buff for themselves and their allies. The Sentinel Shield and Ward of Dawn Supers help this subclass become a support and defense class. Sentinel Shield lets you become Captain America of sorts, throwing a large void shield around that can ricochet off walls. Ward of Dawn, on the other hand, allows you to place a large protective bubble that provides damage buffs to all allies who enter it.

  • Grenada
    • Magnetic – attaches to enemies and explodes twice
    • Voidwall – create a horizontal wall of burning void light
    • Suppressor – prevents enemies from using their abilities for a short time
  • Melee
    • Defensive Strike – defeat an enemy to create an overshield around you and your allies
    • Tactical Strike – strike an enemy to cause a Void Explosion
    • Shield Bash – after sprinting, unleash a shield blast that disorients enemies and suppresses the target

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Behemoth (Stasis)

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The new Stasis-based subclass gives Titans an extremely powerful Super called Glacial Quake. It lets you forge a Stasis Gauntlet that can be used to smash the ground, sending glaciers everywhere to freeze and wipe out enemies.

  • Grenada
    • Glacier – upon hitting the ground, stasis crystals grow out of the ground and freeze enemies too close to them. Destroy crystals to kill enemies.
    • Coldsnap - On impact, a flash of stasis will seek out the nearest enemy and freeze it. Then it will go after two more targets.
    • Duskfield – creates a domed stasis field that sucks in enemies. Once trapped inside they will be slowed down and if trapped long enough they will freeze.
  • Melee
    • Shiver Strike – uses the Stasis Gauntlet to dash forward at incredible speed and take out anything in its path. Once they reach their target, it knocks them back and nearby enemies are slowed.

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