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1Write or draw in white

Did you know that it is possible towrite and draw in white in snapchat ? If the basic writing is done in red, there is a trick which allows you to change the color of the strokes by White. The trick is simple: once your photo performed in Snapchat, touch the color bar and slide your finger to the left end of the screen.

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2Write or draw in black

In the same way, Snapchat offers the possibility of writing or draw in black doing the same trick than above except for one variant. This time after hitting the bar color on the right, scroll down the screen to get black ink on your Snaps.

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3Take photos without the center button

When the app Snapchat is open, a button appears in the center of the screen allowing you to take a photo or a audiovisual media. But, it is sometimes complicated to have access to this button when you take pictures in complicated positions. To make it easier to trigger the photo, Snapchat planned to be able to do this thanks to the volume buttons present on the side of smartphones. This will make it easier for you to take certain photos, especially in mode Selfie.

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4Take hands-free photos

Public chat Snapchat, it is also possible to take photos without hands (or almost) since you can use your Handsfree to trigger your Snaps. This snapchat trick and especially useful when you want to take a photo en Selfie with more distance, without having a pole. Plug in your Handsfree and use sound volume button to trigger photo on app Snapchat.

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5Meanings of emojis next to your friends

If you are a fan of Snapchat, you have certainly noticed that emoji appeared next to the names of some of your friends when you exchanged snaps photo ou video snaps. Whether it's a coeur, a face with glasses or flames, each of these emoji present on Snapchat to a very specific meaning. Here is what the mean emojis on snapchat :

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: This person is your first best friend and for them too you are their first best friend.

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: This person has the same first best friend as you.

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: This person is one of your best friends.

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: You and this person have a best friend in common.

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: You are in his best friends, but this person is not in your best friends.

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: You have been talking non-stop with this person for several days.

6Have an animated Snapcode

Have a Animated Snapcode, it's still the class let's face it. On Snapchat, for an snapcode is actually a QR code that allows you to add friends more easily on Snapchat.

Every Snapchat user has their own snapcode, you can see the latter on the little white ghost at the top of the main screen.

To animate your snapcode, click on the Snapchat logo at the top of the photo mode screen and hold the snapcode. You will be redirected to the photo capture interface. Then trigger the photo as you usually do. Snapchat will then take a succession of photos that will directly animate your snapcode.

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7Snapchat send icons

For some time you have been able to notice icons appear when sending beautiful photos or videos on Snapchat. These icons are in fact there to inform you of the action of your recipient on your snap. You will be able to know if your snap has been opened, if the nature of a snap received is mute or sound, if your recipient has replayed your snap, or if he has taken a screenshot. Here is the list of snapchat icons which informs you of all this:

8Know who viewed your Snapchat story

When you share a story Snapchat, it is more complicated to know who opened it. For find out who viewed your Snapchat story, just press your story to see how many people have watched it. Then press the number to know the identity of the people who opened your story Snapchat.

9Send snaps without having a network

If you don't no connection to send your Snaps, or if you just don't have time, Snapchat created "memories“.Memories is an extension of theSnapchat app Which allows you to save your snaps to send them later if you don't have a network, for example.

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10Use multiple filters on the same photo

Present for a long time Snapchat, you have certainly noticed that when you swipe on the screen after taking a photo, you could bring up filters. Most of Snapchat filters are geolocation, speed, time and color filters. But maybe you didn't know that Snapchat provides for the possibility ofuse multiple filters on the same shot. To do this, choose the first filter to set up. Once the first Snapchat filter chosen, hold one finger on your screen, and using a second, drag the screen to access the other filters while holding the first in place. You can then place as many Snapchat filters as you wish.

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11Slow down, speed up or rewind a video Snap

Dance Snapchat, three tools of video montage are available to you. You will be able speed up, slow down or rewind your video snaps.

To use these tools in theSnapchat app : First shoot your video, and when sending it, swipe sideways to find the video tools corresponding to a snail (slow motion), a hare (fast forward) and three arrows pointing to the left (rewind). You can then give your snapchat video the desired effect.

12Get all Snapchat trophies

You may be wondering about the Snapchat trophies that you can unlock. Going to settings Snapchat, you will see at the top of the screen a section that lists all trophies that you obtained by using theSnapchat app. There are 6 categories of snapchat trophy : setting trophies, score trophies, sending snaps trophies, video trophies, screenshot trophies and special trophies.

To get all snapchat trophies, you will have to perform actions while using the application, such as taking a certain number of screenshots, using filters or even sending a certain number of videos. You can quickly get lost, and if that's the case for you, here's the list of snapchat trophies to unlock, and how to unlock them.

Snapchat settings trophies:

email : Set your email address by checking it in the settings.

Phone : Set your phone number by checking it in the settings.

Fax : Scan at least 5 snapcodes to add your friends on Snapchat.

Snapchat score trophies:

baby emoji : Reach 10 points on Snapchat.

Star : Reach 100 points on Snapchat.

several stars : Reach 1 points on Snapchat.

shooting stars : Reach 10 points on Snapchat.

Explosion : Reach 50 points on Snapchat.

Rocket : Reach 100 points on Snapchat.

Ghost : Reach 500 points on Snapchat.

Snapchat send trophies:

finger in the air : Send a snap with a filter.

two fingers up : Send a snap with two filters.

Soleil : Send a snap with the warm color filter.

Flake : Send a snap with the cool color filter.

Ogre : Send 1 selfie snaps (front camera).

Flashlight : Send 10 selfie snaps with the front flash.

Monkey : Send a snap without sound.

Microscope : Send 10 snaps with zoom.

Magnifying glass : Send 10 snaps with maximum zoom.

ABCD : Send 100 snaps with large text.

Panda : Send 50 black and white snaps.

Lune : Send 50 snaps in night mode.

Fried egg : Send a snap between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Lollipop : Send a snap with at least 5 different colors with the brush.

Rainbow : Send 10 snaps with at least 5 different colors.

Color pallet : Send 50 snaps with at least 5 different colors.

Snapchat video sending trophies:

video tape : Send a video snap.

old camera : Send 50 video snaps.

modern camera : Send 500 video snaps.

Buckle 1 : Change camera in a video snap.

single loop : Change camera 5 times in a video snap.

Rotation : Change camera 10 times in a video snap.

Snapchat screenshot trophies:

clever devil : Take a screenshot of a snap.

pissed off devil : Make 10 screenshots of snaps.

Red face : Make 50 screenshots of snaps.

Special snapchat trophies:

Radio : Propose a snap to a local live or story.

movie clapperboard : Submit 10 snpas to a local live or story.

Eyes : Activer "my eyes only" dans memories.

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