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Cheat Codes

Select "Cheats" to bring up an interface where you will type your codes( "Cheats" being in the EXTRAS).
Once you have entered your codes, a message will notify you that it is working properly.
To activate a code during the game, pause and choose "Cheats".

CLONE ==> Infinite Health

BUCKST ==> Death in one shot

CUTTING ==> Grabs still possible

fleeing ==> Unfinished ammunition

HEALME ==> Regain health

LCVG ==> Power Strike Combo infini

TRIROX ==> Invulnerable

BAGMAN ==> Get all videos

UKGAMER ==> Get All Alternative Videos

BAYOU ==> Obtain all missions replays

JACKET ==> Get the costumes "Bomber Jacket"

ARMS ==> Get the costumes "Revelation"

BLUR ==> Get the costumes "War"

CLOTHES ==> Get the costumes from Monican

GRAY ==> Get the costumes from Fame

==> Get the costumes from Seed

URBAN ==> Get the costumes from Alternative Seeds

WHITE ==> Get the costumes from Madame Goodchild

PIXES ==> Get all Slides

Written by the 07/06/2007
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