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Arale Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Dream Duel: Goku vs Arale fight from the Alternative Saga.


Arale is a myopic young girl with impressive strength living in the Penguin village. She is actually a robot created by the village's inventor, Professor (or Dr.) Slump. When he was a child, Goku encounters her while chasing Lieutenant Blue. Arale saves him by ridiculing the Lieutenant. She spends her time playing innocently with Gachan, but her speed exceeds Mach 1 and her power would allow her to destroy the Earth. In the movie "The Mystical Adventure", she fights Tao Pai Pai alongside Son Goku.




Babidi Conditions for obtaining:
Finish the fight called "The end of the warrior" of the Saga Bou to unlock this character.


Babidi is the Machiavellian sorcerer who resurrects Bou and sets out to conquer the entire universe (the most common goal among big bad guys in fact). Her magic is the source of her power. He travels to Earth with his minions and Dabra in an effort to revive Bou once sealed by his father, Bibidi. Babidi is extremely malevolent and devious and controls people with his magic in order to use them for his dark purposes. Besides being malicious, Babidi is not lacking in cunning. Thus, we see him in the series destroying a city, killing hundreds of people for the sole purpose of luring Piccolo, Sangoten and Trunks. But Babidi's selfish and authoritarian temperament will also cause his downfall and he will be betrayed and then killed by Bou. Babidi is not particularly strong physically and his power therefore comes largely from his magic and especially from his ability to easily control people with violent and aggressive hearts. It is thanks to this power that he rallied Dabra to his cause and that he managed to (partially) control Vegeta.






Here is Chichi child. She is Goku's wife and King Guymo's only daughter. She is a girl who is at the same time naive, very demonstrative and immensely rich. As a young girl, she went in search of Master Roshi to help her put out the flames consuming the Mountain of Fire where her home was built. That's how she first met Son Goku. While they were both on the magic cloud, Goku made her a promise to marry him on a misunderstanding. Chichi finds Goku during one of the World Championships and puts the grappling hook back on him. Goku then agrees to keep his promise. Nothing and no one can change Chichi's mind, even if she's wrong.



Tao-Father-Father (Cyborg) Conditions for obtaining:
Finish first in the Afterlife Tournament on Level 2


Tao Pai Pai after his operation having transformed him into a cyborg. Many mistakenly thought that Tao Pai Pai had been defeated and killed during his fight against Son Goku, but he did survive. Hungry for revenge, he spends almost all of his fortune to become a cyborg. His power has evolved enormously but he no longer has any weight against the new generation. We see him later in the anime, during the period of the Cell Game where he takes advantage of the confusion to stir up trouble in the population.



Diableman (Akuman) Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the fight Unexpected Help from the Alternative Saga


Devilman is an authentic demon from the Beyond. If a person without money wishes to see the future read by Grandma Clairvoyant, the fortune tellers agree to do so if this person manages to defeat 5 fighters of their own. Devilman was the 4th of these fighters when Goku and the others tried their luck to have the location of an untraceable Dragon Ball revealed to them. Diableman has twice won the World Martial Arts Championship. His special power is the Diabolic Ray, which amplifies the dark side of his opponents until they explode. Technique that had no effect on Son Goku, purity in person.



Dr. Wilo Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Special Saga "The Most Powerful Being in the Universe" quest to unlock this character.




Willow is an evil scientist who wishes to take over the world (one more, well). Trapped in the wall of eternal ice by a natural disaster, he transplanted his brain into a mechanical body in order to survive. He then went in search of the most powerful body possible that would allow him to dominate the world, and to do this he went in search of Master Roshi and Son Goku. He has armor that can withstand Kaioken and Kamehamehas four times stronger than normal, armor that shows its full potential when battling Goku. Master Roshi and Krillin. His plan to take over the world comes to an end when he is hit and defeated by Goku's Genkidama.



fasha Conditions for obtaining:
Finish first in the Yamcha Tournament, level 3.


Fasha is a Lesser Saiyan warrior and is the only female member of Bardock's elite forces. She has a violent and extremely irritable temper, certainly due to the Saiyan blood that flows through her veins. After conquering Planet Kanassa with Bardock, she goes on a mission to Planet Meat with her other teammates. However, during Frieza's betrayal, she encounters Doria and her gang who end up killing her. Fasha is the first female Saiyan to appear in the series, but only in film.



Franky Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Alternate Saga Careful Cyborg fight Franky belonged to the Red Ribbon Army when it still existed. He is a cyborg created from a human base by Dr. Gero. Like Android 16, Franky possesses impressive strength, but is nothing short of harmless. He hates fighting and shows boundless friendliness. He refused to fight Goku at the risk of his life, but came to his aid later. After the Muscle Tower is destroyed, he packs his bags at Jingle Village and mingle with the local villagers. Gohan (future) Conditions for obtaining:
Wish to have this character through Shenron's wish.


This is an adult Gohan straight out of Trunks' future. In this disastrous Future, Goku dies of a heart attack and the cyborgs having ravaged the planet, he is the last warrior alive. He then becomes the master of TRunks from the future and teaches him the art of fighting. He wears clothes similar to his father's, but he behaves differently from the Gohan we know. He has lost his naivety and expresses himself in a completely different way. In the anime, he loses his arm trying to protect Trunks and dies in battle. His disciple, however, inherited his willful and impulsive temperament.



Gohan Super Saiyen (futur) Conditions for obtaining:
Wish to have this character through Shenron's wish.


Gohan in Super Saiyan. In another dimensional future, Vegeta, Piccolo and the other warriors were all killed by the cyborgs except for Goku who succumbed to a heart attack. Gohan and Trunks survived and the rage aroused by these tragic events awakened in Gohan his powers of Super Warrior.



Roi Cold Conditions for obtaining:
Finish first in the Cell Game, level 3.


Frieza and Cooler's father, leader of the most powerful race in the universe. King Cold attempts to invade Earth with Mech-Frieza, but Trunks from the future quickly defeats Frieza and his minions. King Cold then tries to persuade Trunks to join his troupe, but Trunks refuses. In the manga, King Cold is instantly destroyed by an energy blast sent to him by Trunks, but in the anime, the Saiyen's attack is followed by a scene in which the King begs for Trunks' mercy, begging him to spare her.



Lieutenant Blue Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Penguin Village mission from the Dragon Ball Saga to unlock this character.


Lieutenant Blue is one of the members of the Red Ribbon Army. Because of the order he received to retrieve the crystal balls in Son Goku's possession, the lieutenant repeatedly found himself in the latter's path. His psychic abilities almost allowed him to kill Krillin and he nearly defeated Son Goku. This one is then saved by Arale who inflicts a stinging beating on him. Lieutenant Blue is clearly homosexual and in love with his image. He ends up killed by a simple lick administered by Tao Pai Pai.




Nail Conditions for obtaining:
To get Nail, unlock the second scenario: Frieza and finish the level "Super Saiyan?!" ".




Nail is a fighting Namekian, guardian of the Grand Chief of the planet Namek. He engaged in a fight against Frieza in order to allow Dende enough time to summon Porunga, the sacred dragon associated with this planet. Mortally wounded and about to die, Nail had nevertheless bought Dende enough time for the summoning. Following this, he merged with Piccolo, resurrected by Porunga's wish. Nail and Piccolo look almost identical. When Piccolo fights Freeze, his resemblance to Nail will surprise Dende himself. Their fusion allows Piccolo to obtain an unexpected power.




Male Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the mission Ceiling vs. Sol from the Dragon Ball Saga to unlock this character.




Nam is the young man that Sangoku fights during the 21st World Martial Arts Championship. He hopes to be able to win the fight to pocket the reward and thus save his village which is suffering from drought. He almost won the match between him and Goku but finally fell. Leaving the tournament, he crossed paths with Master Roshi then disguised as Jackie Chou, who gave him a capsule that he could fill with water. Nam also participated in the 22nd World Martial Arts Championship but was defeated by Tenshinhan in the playoffs.




New Sheron Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Dragon Ball GT Saga Sun Warriors mission to unlock this character.


It is one of the evil dragons born from crystal balls. When the first King Piccolo was rejuvenated, Nuova Shenron was born from the negative energy created by the event. This enemy can control the temperature of his body, thus being able to pass up to 6000 degrees. Endowed with incredible speed, he gave Goku a lot of trouble. He ends up fighting alongside Goku against Omega Sheron.




Pilaf robot Conditions for obtaining:
Win the Grand Tournament Level 2


A combat robot used and created by Pilaf, the little mad scientist. When his plans to seize the crystal balls were foiled by the young Goku, he built this powerful robot in hopes of finally achieving victory. In addition to Pilaf's robot, there are two other machines created for his faithful servants May and Soba. When these 3 robots merge, they then form an even more powerful combat robot.



Pilaf Robot - Fusion Conditions for obtaining :
Win the Grand Tournament level 2.


This is the assembly of machines piloted by Pilaf, Mai and Soba. Besides being an extremely powerful machine, she can also use the arsenal of the three different machines. This machine would seem invulnerable to any basic fighter. However, it was no match for Goku who destroyed it with a Kamehameha.



Small Roi D茅mon Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Dragon Ball Saga Goku Strikes Back mission to unlock this character.




The most powerful incarnation of the Demon Piccolo, born when the Earth physically separated from his demonic soul, he soon aspired to take over the world. However, Master Roshi manages to lock him in a pressure cooker. He managed to escape a long time later and began to work for his project again.




Roy Vegeta


He is the father of Vegeta, by name as well as by blood, and the king who rules the planet that bears his name. With a condescending and violent temperament, King Vegeta is constantly showing boundless pride. He hated Freezer for using the Saiyans, and lived in the hope of one day being able to revolt. He started the revolt by seizing Freezer's spaceship, but was eventually defeated and killed by Freezer.



Sangoku (GT) Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the GT Saga Immortal Monster mission to unlock this character.




Goku is changed into a child following the plot of Pilaf and his minions at the beginning of Dragon Ball GT. In DBGT, he allies with Pan and Trunks to find the crystal balls scattered in space. His personality does not change, but his childish appearance gives his actions an even more thoughtless edge.




Goku (GT) - Super Saiyan Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the GT Saga Immortal Monster mission to unlock this character. Despite his small size, Goku is still able to transform and can, in his Super Saiyan form, make most of his enemies bite the dust. His childish appearance prevents some opponents from taking him seriously. Big mistake on their part...




Goku (GT) - Super Saiyan 3 Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the GT Saga Immortal Monster mission to unlock this character.



Due to his small size, Goku can stay in this form even less than when he possesses his adult body. This is how when he fights against Baby, he returns to his base form after only a few seconds of fighting, unable to maintain Super Saiyen Stage 3.



Spopovitch Conditions for obtaining:
Meet between 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. in the World Tour mode and select the tournament: Championship. Set the difficulty to 3 stars and win the event to unlock this character.




Spopovitch is one of the men rendered amnesiac and enslaved by Babidi's magic. For his first appearance in the Dragon Ball universe, he participates in the 25th World Martial Arts Championship with the aim of gathering enough energy to be able to resuscitate Bou. His first fight opposes him to Videl. During the confrontation, the latter manages to break his neck with a kick, but Babidi's magic is so powerful that he does not die. Following Videl's repeated assaults, he ends up turning the fight into a long torture session. The man ejects Videl out of the ring on the recommendations of his sidekick Yamu, also possessed. He later interrupts Gohan's fight and absorbs his energy before fleeing to Babidi's camp. By recovering the harvested energy, Babidi executes it all the same considering that it was too late to accomplish its mission. Spopovitch had already participated in the World Championship in the past and had been eliminated by Mr Satan. He then wore long and incredibly soft hair, it seems...



Tambourine Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Dragon Ball Saga Goku Strikes Back mission to unlock this character.



Tambourine is a demon created by King Piccolo. At the end of the 22nd Martial Arts Championship, he killed Krillin in a single attack and stole Goku's crystal ball as well as the register of tournament participants. He follows the orders of the demon Piccolo and hunts down martial artists to try to eliminate them one by one.



Vegeta 2nd form - Super Saiyan 4 Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Ultimate Super Gogeta mission in Dragon Ball GT Saga to unlock this character.


Here is Vegeta in Super Saiyen Stage 4 form. It is thanks to an invention of Bulma that he manages to reach this stage. This form is the one where the most changes take place among the Super Saiyans. We even notice that the top of their body is covered with a red fur of the most beautiful effect. It is in this form that Vegeta uses his "Final Blast Attack" technique.




Gogeta - Super Saiyen 4 Conditions for obtaining:
Complete the Miracle mission! from the Dragon Ball GT Saga to unlock this character.


Gogeta is the ultimate warrior from the fusion between Sangoku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 4 form. At Vegeta's initiative, he and Goku join him in the fight to confront LI Sheron. Aside from his scarlet hair, Gogeta's features are similar to those of a Super Saiyan 4. However, he wears the metamol suit and his power grows disproportionately. However, it can only keep this shape for only 10 minutes, the time it takes to melt.






Sangoku GT --Supr Saiyen 4 Conditions for obtaining:
Complete The Ultimate Cyborg mission to unlock this character. GT Period Goku as he appears when using Super Saiyen Stage 4. A red fuzz grows on his upper body and other drastic changes in appearance take place. His power also grows enormously making him one of the strongest warriors in the entire galaxy.






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