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Baby Vegeta


Here is Vegeta when Baby manages to take over his body. He looks a lot like Vegeta except for his gray hair and the red lines on his face. Baby is actually a parasitic life form created by the Tsuful, a people destroyed by the Saiyans, and even has some genetic traits from King Tsuful himself. Baby has two goals: to take revenge on the Saiyans and to scatter her eggs to the four corners of the galaxy in order to create a new race in their own right. He is extremely selfish and wears down the bodies of the humans he inhabits until they die.



Super Baby 1 This is Baby's enhanced form after he took over Vegeta's body. During the fight against Goku, Baby uses the power he absorbed from Gohan and Trunks to take this form. Baby's power is then increased and his appearance is already more in line with the real Baby.




Super Baby 2 This is the form Baby assumes after taking over Vegeta's body and achieving an even more powerful fighting form. Baby manages to assume this form using the energy accumulated by his minions. In addition to all of Vegeta's techniques, Baby gains a new one: Extermination Sphere.




Baby giant gorilla When Baby controls Vegeta's body, he can take the form of a giant gorilla. He takes this form when, pushed to the limit by Goku in Super Saiyen 4, he is forced to take desperate measures. Baby retains his intelligence in this form and gains a new technique called Super Cannon Garric.




Super C-17


He is the ultimate cyborg resulting from the fusion between the two C-17s. After his defeat, Dr. Gero joins forces with Dr. Myuu in the other world to create a new C-17, designed to merge with the C-17 left behind on Earth. The result of this fusion is Super C-17. He is able to absorb all energy-based attacks, but is then vulnerable for a short time necessary for his concentration. He is hesitant to attack C-18 in this form, proof that he has some memories of the original C-17 in this form.



Syn Sheron


Syn Sheron is the strongest of the evil dragons spawned from crystal balls. Having called upon crystal balls far too often, the energy expended when using them has spawned several evil warriors. A total of seven dragons have special powers, but Syn Sheron is the strongest of them all. He manages to stand up to Goku in his fourth Super Saiyan form and is by far the most formidable enemy our heroes have faced.



Li Sheron


This is the form Syn Sheron takes on after absorbing all the other dragons. Although his appearance doesn't really change, the seven spheres on his chest indicate that he has absorbed the seven crystal balls. Li Sheron's powers reach an incredible level and he even manages to defeat Son Goku SS4. In this form, he can use all the techniques of the seven evil dragons.






Here is Oub when he is a teenager. He is the reincarnation of Bou, eliminated at the end of DBZ. Sangoku realized his talent and decided to train him. He punctuates the end of his training period with an epic fight against Goku at the Heavenly Palace of the Almighty, during which he deploys all his power. After the fight, he returns to his home on the South Island, only to return later to foil Baby's malevolent plans. Oub has adopted Goku's sense of justice and unwavering generosity. He is the warrior of the next generation, and fights alongside his comrades to protect the Earth. After merging with Bou, Oub participates in the World Martial Arts Championship and faces Mr. Satan in the final. But as Bou takes pity on Mr. Satan, he asks Oub to lose the fight. The latter complies and Mr. Satan is declared the big winner. Finally, I would point out to the most dazed among you that Oub is just Bou upside down... Wouaaaah!






This is Oub's form when his teenage body merges with Bou, then in pieces, during the fight against Baby Vegeta. Its appearance changes only very little, but the spirit of Bou makes it possible to increase its power enormously. He can also use the latter's techniques. However, since it is Oub's body that forms the base of the fusion, he cannot regenerate or change shape.





Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl. She still wears her famous bandana around her head and she is even more energetic than Goku. Hungry for adventure, she boarded Son Goku and Trunks' ship to aid them in their quest, whether they wanted to or not. She is a quarter Saiyan so she can't become a giant gorilla or a Super Saiyan, but she is very powerful for her age and her appearance is deceiving. He's a fearless tomboy, which has gotten her into awkward situations more than once. She hates the V in her eyebrows and gets angry very easily.




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