03 - Saiyan Blood

Who I am
Catherine Le Nevez
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Victory Conditions:

  • Bats Small/S.
  • Finished with the VPs of Raditz greater than 50%.
  • Bats Are gohan.

Chess Conditions:

  • Team HP depleted
  • Raditz beaten
  • Time elapsed

Base Reward:

  • 250 Zenis
  • Small capsule
  • Your power is 5? Vermin. (Soul Z) => Obtained during a Raditz dialogue
  • Don't bother my dad! (Soul Z) => Obtained by finishing in ultimate end
  • Combat outfit (Raditz) => Obtained during a dialogue or by keeping Raditz alive
  • Double Sunday (Kikoha Technique) => Obtained by finishing the fight with Raditz alive
  • Implacable Barrage (Combat Technique) => Obtained by defeating Son Goku in the ultimate end
  • Kamehameha (Kikoha Technique) => Obtained by defeating Son Goku

Warning !!! You have to talk to Raditz which sometimes appears Port of the Time Machine, then agree to help him complete the side quest he offers (picture1). At the start of the fight wait to see who Raditz is heading, in order to cover it so that it does not take too much damage. Do the same with Small ou S according to which is still alive, eliminate them in less than 5 minutes for a chance to spawn Son Gohan (small). Then get rid of him within the remaining time limit, in order to get the mention "Fin Latest" for this parallel quest (picture2).

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Video of this parallel quest:

Audio Video 03 - Saiyan Blood
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